We have the largest selection of Half Doll molds in the World.

All our models are redetailed so our molds have a crisp finish to your doll instead of a worn look like most of our competitors.

We produce our Half Dolls in:

Plaster Molds made from American Gypsum Plaster for you to pour your own greenware.

 Soft Fired Greenware in Pink & White Porcelain & is low fired, ready for you to clean, fire & decorate.

Fired Porcelain Blanks in Pink or White Porcelain ready for you to paint.

Painted Half Dolls ready for you to assemble & decorate.

All Half Dolls are made to order & have a waiting time of approx 2  - 4 weeks before dispatch.


The choice of colors are as seen on the website unless stated upon ordering.

Excess stock of Dolls are listed in the dolls for sale page.






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