Custom Moldmaking Service


We at A & R Parsons Designs dont just make molds for ourselves, we have been making molds for various well known doll artists for a long time.   Our moldmaking service is welcome to any artist/maker. 


1)  Rough Cast is a basic one off rough mold service for those people who just want one mold straight from the model.

2) Plaster Block & Production Rough is a plaster master block with detail or scribing &  one production rough mold, for those people who want a crisp detail cast, & a mold just for themselves with the bonus of multiple molds made at any time.

3) Rubber Master Blocks & Production is a rubber master block & case with one production mold for those people who want a high quality mold to resell themselves. Multiple molds can be produced from these masters at any time.


All jobs need to be quoted before starting, Deposits of 1/2 payment is required & Balance paid on completion.

Job completion time is between 3 to 16 weeks, depending on the size of the job, & our workload.

Price for this service is $40.00 per hour plus GST Tax + the cost of all materials.


Rubber Blocks & Case Masters








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